Featuring my friend Ian Parry
and some hard rockin' guys
playing You straight into rock
loud, fresh and furious
see you again next show

Welcome to Guido Stoecker´s Bodyguerra

We take the rock to this decade


"Being on the road with a great team, doing shows in a row - what could be better?"

Guido Stoecker claimed, just returned home from the tour with the Graham Bonnet Band:

"I would like to thank everyone involved for contributing the shows - the musicians, technicians, stage-hands and promoters.

Beth-Amy Heavenstone, Petra M. Jansen, Maureen van Bruggen, Anoushka Agter, Nasty, Andy Pielage, Steven Bogaerts, Tommy Goffin, Uwe "Paul" Nitze, Kai Schuhmann, Eduardo, Christian, Stefan Hirthe, Marvin Traub, Luis Epp, Markus, Bernie, Michael Reuss, Phillip Simon, Audio Anton, Paul "Chaser" Rose, Kunze, Graham Bonnet, Jimmy Waldo, Kurt James, Marc Benquechea, Giles Lavery, Frans Schepers, Lucas, Hille, Carsten Schulz, Sascha Oeing, Benjamin Koevener, Ian Parry, Peter Goetz, Jörg Erdmann, Uwe Mamminga, Gianni Riga, Nick Sourbron, Volker Schlag, Ralf, Richy, Barry Shattok, Herbert "Rich" Knab, Lothar, Eddy Freiberger..."

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