Freddy… nothing as it seems

With their debut cd the Classic Rockers of BODYGUERRA show, that it is possible to combine hardrock with the present decade. The band-of-four around the guitar wizard Guido Stöcker and lead singer Daniel Seebass offers hardrock at its best, without being nostalgic in any way.

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The story

The CD “Freddy…nothing as it seems“ is a psychogram of death! It deals with life and death of one of the most prolific serial killers: Dr. Harold Frederic Shipman, an English doctor who had a surgery in Hyde near Manchester. British Press entitled him Dr. Death. The doctor was drug addicted and an inquiry found out, that he should have killed over 250 people. He finally got caught because of a foolishly forged last will leaving him a considerable amout of money. He commited suicide in his prison cell on January 13th, 2004.
BODYGUERRA loves to play live – this band is definitly not made for a rehersal room or a studio – for those who saw them, this is obvious! Whereever BODYGUERRA played live – in combination with younger death metal bands, punk bands, even with famous classic rock acts – the band left an impression and the audience was with them.
The cd was released on April 26th in a digipack with a booklet containing 20 pages.


Hardline Magazin Ausgabe 23review
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Das Album ist wirklich nicht zu unterschätzen, ein gutes. Die Musiker spielen als Einheit und obwohl häufig die Gitarre und der Gesang sehr präsent sind, ist die solide Grundlage der Bass und das Drumkit. Einer trägt den anderen.
7/10 Sandra von

Bodyguerra bedienen sich vielen Stilarten des Rocks und scheitern an keiner einzigen. Da könnten sich die Giganten von AC/DC mal eine Scheibe abschneiden. Anspieltipps: Smoke Without Fire, 21 Market Street
Gordon von

Mit “Freddy … Nothing As It Seems” haut Bodyguerra ein Debütalbum raus, das es in sich hat. Es überzeugt auf ganzer Linie und mit hohem Niveau. Hut ab!
Joachim `Joe`Brookes von

7/10 RB von

Musikalisch verbinden die vier Jungs aus NRW auf ihrem Debutalbum Classic- und Hardrock mit einem Schuss 70er, und das handwerklich so gut, dass man nur den Hut ziehen kann!

Anspruchsvollere Musik für Hardrockgourmets, der ein tiefer Hintergrund innewohnt, dessen Inhalt in stillen Minuten nachdenklich macht, die Statements auf der Bandhomepage sprechen für sich.

Starkes Erstlingswerk einer talentierten Band, die man in jedem Fall im Fokus behalten sollte.

Auch wenn die Scheibe ein paar Durchläufe benötigt, so ist sie definitiv einen Lauschangriff wert!

Una grata sorprese a descubrir y ver su evolucón

A friend of Guido translated it. Thx to Tomás from Brasil „like“-EmoticonTomás Salotti Buchaim I did my best! Im actually from Brazil and I speak portuguese, but I do understand a bit of spanish.

Here it goes: The debut album of this german band strikes with a classic hard rock, but with a slight touch of modernity. Contrast the music in this album with the conceptual story based on the famous serial killer Dr. Harold Freddy Shipman, who murdered more than 200 patients before being on trial and committing suicide.
A priori, a story that suits better the sound of Slayer, fits the songs of an energized and consistent hard rock with catchy choruses as in songs like The Retreat, 21 Market Street and Path to Eden.
In No proof for innocence and in the end, we find the most “canero” (sorry, no idea of what this word means!) of the band, meeting heavier rhythms and powerful guitars. Dr. Death has a bluesy touch, with a prominent bass. The catchy chorus in I wanted all rocks you in a slow but explosive way. The power ballad Vera puts an ease end in the album, along with the final Coming Home. A pleasant surprise to find out and watch its evolution.

Hoe meer men er naar luistert, hoe sterker en meer dat men het album weet te waarderen. Aan sfeer geen gebrek hier.

Côté son et production, c’est brut et sans fioritures, vraiment dans le style des groupes anglais et allemands des années ’80. Ceci étant, les amateurs du genre en trouveront pour leur argent car les compositions sont bien pensées et l’ensemble tient parfaitement la route.
Xavier Rossey

Czek Rebublic:

V kapele drímá veliký potenciál a osobne doufám, že tohle koncepcní album nezustane v rámci její diskografie dlouho osamoceno. I pres nehezký námet se jedná o velmi príjemnou, klidnou záležitost, která muže být výborným spolecníkem v sychravých vecerech nadcházejícího podzimu.

So look beyond the band name and the strange album title and you’ll get an album that grooves really well.
Anders Ekdahl


Overall this has been a very enjoyable classic rock album. Bodyguerra’s intriguing storytelling definitely adds to the appeal and I’d happily recommend this to any fans of the genre.

4/5 Iza Raittilaof


Un sano equilibrio, uno stile evidente e personale, “Freddy…Nothing As It Seems” è davvero l’album che non ti aspetti.

(Alberto Vitale) Voto: 8/10


They deliver a stunning good album from a group that proves that Rock, given a fresh touch and an alert material, remains one of the most satisfying areas in contemporary music.

72/100 from Tormentor Erich from

Bodyguerra gra hard rock, jak nalezy, a “Freddy… Nothing As It Seems” to calkiem przyzwoicie prezentujacy sie album z niekonwencjonalnym konceptem
Wojciech Margula from


So look beyond the band name and the strange album title and you’ll get an album that grooves really well.
Anders Ekdahl

If I want a grooving, yet soaring mix of Metal and Rock, I need only to look to Germany for such bands, and BODYGUERRA is certainly a rising star in the field.
Daniel Fox

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