The Freddy – Album



Stage view, Dessau – Stage view Graham Bonnet tour

21 Market Street (Official)

Path to Eden

Live Detten Rockt Festival 1

Live Detten Rockt Festival 2

Freddy album – official Trailer


Tool 4 Spirit
Guido Stoecker – the Freddy album

Kanal21 TV (german with english subtitles)

Rockmare (german)

Siggi Mertens (english)

Guido´s Guitar Talk and Tutorial

The Winery Dogs – I`m no angel, Main Riff Tutorial

Guitar Chat with Siggi Mertens

Guitar Chat with Siggi Mertens – exercise

Guitar Talk with Siggi Mertens, Main Riff “Bark at the moon” by Ozzy Osbourne

Guitar work for other artists

Guitar work for Jens Kreikebaum (former singer of Demon´s Eye)

Solo on “Into the blue” by Carsten Lizard Schulz





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