Home again!

Just back in his studio, Ian is working at the lyrics and the vocals of “Postcard to nowhere”

Mixing the instrumentals

No we start mixing the recorded instrumental tracks to give Ian a goot foundation for his vocal working.

11 beauties on the sofa

Guitar solos are almost done!
At the weekend, Daniel will come to the studio to lay down the rest of the lead vocals, thus only some backing vocals and some acoustic guitar parts need to be done in the next couple of weeks. The recording is fast approaching completion.

11 beauties
Who could resist anyway?
11 beautiful models were available for the guitar solos!

His favourites were (as usual) the 72, the 75 and the Lefty-Strat – the Paulas, the Duesenberg and the Godin went back into their cases. Guido stayed true to his three darlings and of course to himself (no surprise here!).
(See foto)


production runs at high-speed


Drums, bass and rhythm guitars are almost finished, most lead vocals are already “on tape”, there are still some backings and solos waiting to be recorded – only a few months until everything is mixed and ready for release!

 Guido constantly drags tube amps to the Studio
good old tubes

Side note:

After extensive tests with the conditions of digital recording and mastering, we decided to use good old analogue technology for our new production. This sometimes takes a bit longer, but the result is exactly what we like – powerful as powerful can be!

You can already look forward to the CD!

Incredibly – Cool


Entry in studio diary: Guido constantly drags tube amps to the Studio, no one knows where to put them, so first everything is stacked (picture), miced and tested. Well, if he likes to drag them around

Posted on: 6. June 2018
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