Hurray – Studio is ready to be used!


We have set up our studio in record time and are very keen to record the first tracks.


We are planning new production in our own studio


After a long phase of composing and songwriting, we are now in production. We have about 32 songs that Guido wrote in months of hard work and which are still waiting for Daniel’s lyrics. He plans to have them finished at the end of May. In the meantime, our studio will be set up and equipped with the appropriate technology.




The winner is… Message from Guido concerning the Bodyguerra – XBoxdynasty Video-Shooter-Contest.

A big »THANKS« to all who joined in




Bodyguerra und Xboxdynasty join forces for the shooter-video- contest.

How to do it:

Select an Xbox One shooter of their choice and create an action-packed video with your BODYGUERRA-highlight, then publish it on your YouTube channel or provide it to us via OneDrive.

You find theThe conditions of entry and prizes under (german only): XBOXDYNASTY.D


Show on 3.11.2016, Münster


We will take a short break from songwriting and preproduction to play a show at Guido´s favorite guitar shop. Join us 03.11.2016 at Rare Guitar, Münster

Request by the WDR


Guido was asked by the WDR to play a few ACDC riffs on television.
The camera crew stops by next week. More info soon!

New Video!


The “Making Of” Guido’s contribution to a re-recording of a rock classic solo. Here is the result with a bow to Mr. Randy Rhoads. Guitar Solo „Mr. Crowley”


Benefit event successful!


Last month we were part of a benefit event in aid of the “Hospice House Hannah”. Today a check in the amount of € 1,083.33 was handed over.


Street day for Carsten Lizard-Schulz Syndicate Album


Street Day for Syndicate Album by our friend Carsten Lizard Schulz on November 20th, 2015!

You can hear Guido playing on “Into the blue”.

More Info about the album: -> the day the earth stopped turnin – more „Into the blue” is supposed as new entry at -> Guitarsolo by Guido, Drums by Markus Kullmann, Bass by the one and only Neil Murray, Keys by Erik Norlander.
We are really curious about the whole record.

Come an´get it…. -> Making of the Guitar-Solo by Guido


Back to work


Guido has been busy writing orchestral music for a special project, out on the streets in 2016.
Now he´s back on the track. Songwriting is growing.



Last month we were part of a charity event in favor of the Hospice House Hannah“. A successful evening with young bands in Werk II in Rheine, where we gladly participated! Today the check was handed over to the management of the hospice. The sum achieved is € 1,083.33.





Carsten Lizard-Schulz – “Syndicate” album, street day 11-20-2015!

Guido.s Solo on “Into the blue”, Drums by Markus Kullmann, Bass by the one and only Neil Murray, Keys by Erik Norlander.
We are really curious about the whole record.
Come an´get it….





Guido has been busy writing orchestral music for a special project, out on the streets in 2016.
Now he´s back on the track. Songwriting is growing.





The postman left some nice stuff today.





Guido did an interview with our scandinavian friend Robex Lundgren. Scroll down a bit and read what he said…enjoy





Our contact for the Netherlands:







Mir gefallen auf “A Tribute To Sea Shepherd – For The Ocean” besonders BODYGUERRA mit ihrem einprägsamen Rocksong “Think It Over”
Review (in german) by Squealer-Rocks-Magazin.

Read it here:







Give away for a good purpose by Metalnews Online Magazin





Street day for benefit cd to support Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Support by buying here:





Official trailer to “Tribute to sea shepherd, you can hear “Think it over” at the end.





Info page on new metal media (german)





New dates confirmed



08.02.14 We were asked to contribute to a benefit cd: “Tribute to Sea Shepherd- For the ocean” benefit to support Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, street day Oktober, 31st. Check it out!





We share stage with ChaseTheAce from Israel in October. Take a look at the dates





Musikalisch verbinden die vier Jungs aus NRW auf ihrem Debutalbum Classic- und Hardrock mit einem Schuss 70er, und das handwerklich so gut, dass man nur den Hut ziehen kann!

A shortreview and link for ordering the album:





“Freddy” in CZ. We don´t understand a word written here, but 8/10 points sounds not too bad at all New interview online here………open the page, go on the left No5 and hit the Bodyguerra link
big thanks to Franck





First info about “Freddy…” in Nippon. Bodyguerra had reached Japan





Petra M. Jansen from tool4spirit had a long and nice talk with Guido.
Read it here:





The coachman knows where to go and gives 8/10 carriages for “Freddy…” 02.07.2013 Italians don´t know about good food only.
Giancarlo Amitrano from Italy puts out 7/10 Punkte for Freddy





“In seinen besten Momenten erinnert das dynamische Werk, das sich ganz auf Gitarren, Gesang und Rhythmus verlässt, an Rockopern wie ‘Tommy’.”
Walter Sehrer from german printmagazine ECLIPSED honores BODYGUERRA´s conceptalbum “Freddy … Nothin’ As It Seems”! In the scoring Walter puts out 7 of 10 points = sovereign!!





Bodyguerra bedienen sich vielen Stilarten des Rocks und scheitern an keiner einzigen.
Gordon from german online “Time for Metal” magazine honores “Freddy..” 8/10 points.





“Freddy…Nothing As It Seems” è davvero l’album che non ti aspetti.
“Freddy…nothing as it seems” , an album you don´t expect this way.
Alberto Vitale honores BODYGUERRA´s debut with 8/10 at italian metalhead magazine. Review from the metal bible: Tormentor Erich : Bodyguerra. Hmm, sounds scary. Just as the lyrical concept of this ‘Freddy … Nothing As It Seems’ album. This concept is all about Dr. Harold Fredrick Freddy Shipman, one of the most feared serial killers ever. There are some two hundred and fifty murders connected with him and so there is enough material at hand for a heavy doses of murder metal I would say.



Das Album ist wirklich nicht zu unterschätzen, ein gutes. Die Musiker spielen als Einheit und obwohl häufig die Gitarre und der Gesang sehr präsent sind, ist die solide Grundlage der Bass und das Drumkit. Einer trägt den anderen.
Sandra from german Rock-Garage online magazine puts out noble 7/10 Punkt for “Freddy” The first customer review on amazon UK……
Well, sounds not too bad at all :)))))
A big thank you for this…



Music-newsletter, a german online magazine, calls “Freddy” into the top 10 of the week.
Read the complete review (in german) here:

06.28.2013 This is Clif Cooky Crawford, better known as a long time
guitar tec for a man called Blackmore. He send this message
to Guido after hearing the Freddy Album several times…

Well, not too bad at all…..
hello guido,i’m not exaggerating when i tell you i think this is the best record i’ve heard in a long time.believe it or not i put purple’s new record aside now and prefer yours.i’m a huge fan of purple’s but your guitar style is much more to my liking! keep up the good work,i’ve been playing your songs to all my friends and everybody i know loves it!

05.12.2013 Iza Raittila from irish yalkyrianmusic-magazin puts 4/5 points for “Freddy..”
Read the complete review here:

04.30.2013 First review from Austria, 4,5 of 5 points 04.29.2013 Today we recieved very fine news. Streetday in UK and in NL, B and LUX too.

04.08.2013 Hi friends and fans,
we recieved a very smart news this morning:

UK Release confirmed!!!!!
Just recieved the news, that Bodyguerra´s debut “Freddy…nothing as it seems” will be released in UK April 29. three days after release in Germany.
You can preorder here
Stay tuned mates and rock on

03.01.2013 Our friends from dutch rockers Hufterbucks will rock the De Nul in NL Hengelo with us

02.15.2013 Just got the news, that the Bodyguerra album will be released April 26. Physically in Germany, Austria and Switzerland first and then in other countries. The Downloads coming with the release date.

01.26.2013 Now it´s on youtube with english subtitles, interview from Daniel and Guido at Kanal21 TV concerning the upcoming album 01.10.2013 first news concerning the upcoming album by DOTT-music (it´s in german)

01.06.2013 Dear friends and fans,
we hope the new year will bring you to the things you´re wishing for. For us, a cool step happened. See Guido signing a record contract. Bodyguerra is signed to Dust on the track Records. Watch out for more news.

Hi friends,
Nov. 24th – Daniel and Guido are invited for an interview at Austria’s biggest webradio: musicbase rocksection. At 8 p.m. some Bodyguerra tracks will be broadcasted. You can hear some of Daniel’s and Guido’s favorite songs as well. Join an listen! Do it loud! Hi friends,
Our first TV-concert will be shown for a week until Nov 5th! First show will be today at 7 p.m., repetition at 11.25 p.m.. Just open the link – go to “livestream” and enter to enjoy the concert. Hi friends,
on livestream from Oct 30th to Nov 5th! Broadcasted daily! First date will be on Oct 30th at Bodyguerra TV-show recorded on August 30th by Kanal21 will be shown (German) TV and and 7 p.m. (plus 11.25 p.m.).
All dates here:

Sept-14 Just received a link to get a view on the TV-interview with Daniel and Guido. Just follow: Latest news according the Kanal21-TV-show:
We’re sorry! We went wrong due to the day, when the ‘backstage-interview’ recorded by Kanal21 will be shown. The interview was produced on the occasion of a TV-show on

August 30th in Bielefeld.
The interview could be seen under – we’re working on English subtitles!
First takes of the concert will be see there as well… A broadcast schedule will be online from Oct 26th to get further information!
Come an’ get it…

Posted on: 23. December 2017
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