BROCELIAN is a symphonic rock and metal band from Munich. The catchy rock and metal anthems by BROCELIAN get a special touch thanks to well-dosed accents with the baroque and romantic violin, epic orchestra and choir drafts. This is supported by the expressive female vocals, which is easy to change between modern and classic style.

Despite the role models and genre greats like Within Temptation, Nightwish or Evanescence, the music of BROCELIAN is characterized by the renunciation of kitsch and theatrical pathos. Guitarist Alex founded BROCELIAN 2009 in Markt Schwaben. With the release of their first demo in 2010, the band caused a stir in the local scene, which quickly brought many fans, contacts and performances. In 2013, BROCELIAN presented their self produced and self-marketing debut album “Lifelines” in the opening act of Leaves’ Eyes.

Due to the positive response from the fans and the press, BROCELIAN and the label 7hard, the rock label of the 7us Mediagroup, became aware of each other. In June 2014, the album “Lifelines” was finally re-released under 7hard. In the pre-program of well-known scene bands such. Xandria, Tanzwut, Folkstone or Serenity and on their club tour, BROCELIAN has since made sure everyone gets infected with positive energy thanks to their rousing stage performance.

Inspired by the contrast of female soprano voices and classical-orchestral elements on the one hand and the tonal hardness of one metal band on the other, guitarist Alex founded the band BROCELIAN. In search of a programmatic name, the young band came across the mythical forests of Brocéliande in Brittany, France.

The epic background of the legendary circle around King Arthur coincided with the band’s claim to musical pathos – BROCELIAN became Brocéliande. Nevertheless, BROCELIAN does not limit itself to mystical-medieval music, but develops from this their own musical identity, which is mainly based in Symphonic Metal and Rock.

This also confirms a look at the cast. In addition to the standard instruments of a metal band is found as an equal partner, the violin, which is an integral part of the music BROCELIANs. In terms of composition, there is a wide range of songs: epic works such as “Fields of Sadness”, catchy rock like “Theater Moments”, but also classic pieces like “A Winter’s Dream” make up BROCELIAN.

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