The voice – instrument for singing and feeling

I often hear: “I’m close to a record dea or could have had more than four record deals.” If I ask, “So why didn´t it work? ” mostly the answer comes: “No idea, do not know why it was,” then I would like to answer you this.

The voice is one of man’s most personal means of expression. And how it works is explained and trained by us Vocalcoaches.

  • How do the breathing, larynx, mouth and brain work together to create speech and song?
  • How does the voice develop in the course of life?
  • How are speaking and singing, human and animal voices different, and how do peculiarities such as whispering, yodeling or ventriloquism work?
  • Does one have a beautiful voice by nature, or is it more the result of singing or speaking training?
  • What causes hoarseness, which mood disorders are there, and what can be done against them?

Have you ever thought about it, that your voice is not just a gift, and only this gift makes a singer out? No, the voice also wants to be trained regularly. It is not enough to think that the natural voice is enough to convince others and to be part of it, so that you believe what you want to sing and tell us.

My job is to show you what your voice can do, and maybe you’ll have more chances at the next record deal, or at the next gig, the audience, who can completely take full show length with them.

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